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Harnessing the Power of Distributed Energy Resources with Tecloman’s Energy Storage System Solutions

In the realm of modern energy systems, distributed energy resources have emerged as a key component in achieving a sustainable and reliable power supply. Tecloman, a leading provider of energy storage solutions, specializes in delivering electrical energy storage for distribution networks. Their innovative technologies effectively manage various energy demands and optimize energy utilization for distribution networks.

Dynamic Capacity Increase through the “Charge at Trough, Discharge at Peak” Method

Tecloman’s energy storage systems enable dynamic capacity increase by employing the “charge at trough, discharge at peak” strategy. During periods of low energy demand, the storage system charges, and stores excess energy. When demand spikes, the stored energy is discharged, supplementing the grid during peak consumption. This dynamic capacity increase ensures a stable power supply and reduces strain on the distribution network, contributing to enhanced reliability and improved system performance.

Transformer Overload Mitigation and Voltage Optimization

Tecloman’s energy storage solutions effectively solve the challenges of transformer overload and low voltage at the end side. By strategically deploying energy storage units, Tecloman alleviates transformer burden during peak demand, preventing overloads and enhancing the longevity of the infrastructure. Additionally, the system optimizes voltage levels at the end side, maintaining stable and reliable power supply, promoting operational efficiency, and reducing the risk of equipment damage.

Enabling Efficient Integration of Distributed Energy Resources

Tecloman’s expertise lies in facilitating the seamless integration of distributed energy resources within the distribution network. By combining advanced energy storage technologies with intelligent control systems, Tecloman empowers distribution networks to manage diverse energy demands effectively and optimize energy utilization.


Tecloman’s energy storage solutions play a pivotal role in empowering distribution networks to manage the integration of distributed energy resources effectively. With the dynamic capacity increase, transformer overload mitigation, and end-side voltage optimization, Tecloman delivers a reliable and sustainable power supply.

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