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Hanshow Intelligent Store: Revolutionizing Retail Marketing Solutions

Digital solutions have the ability to revolutionize every aspect of store operations and the customer experience. As the foundation of retail digitalization, electronic shelf labels (ESLs) play a crucial role in integrating automation, optimization, data, and insights into a holistic system. Hanshow‘s retail marketing solutions go beyond ESLs, offering a range of technology that enhances retail marketing and drives sales.

Streamlining Operations and Boosting Sales with Intelligent Store Solutions

Hanshow’s digital shelf tags provide numerous benefits for retailers, streamlining operations and creating an engaging shopping environment.

  1. Enhanced In-Store Marketing Efficiency

Hanshow’s in-store marketing solution brings a systematic approach to digital signage management, optimizing operational efficiency. With remote management capabilities, operators can easily control and update content on screens through templates fed with data from the client’s database. This minimizes the workload for store operators and ensures consistent and targeted marketing messages for customers.

  1. Engaging Customers with Dynamic Digital Signage

Hanshow’s digital shelf tags include the Lumina Edge, Lumina Max, and Lumina Aqua digital signage solutions. The Lumina Edge uses screens placed on the edge of shelves to vividly display product information, capturing customer attention and increasing engagement. Lumina Max facilitates innovative marketing activities in new retail scenarios, while Lumina Aqua’s double-sided LCD screens allow for the display of images and videos on the shelf. These eye-catching displays enable retailers to deliver compelling marketing messages, promotions, and product information, driving sales and enhancing the customer experience.

  1. Convenience and Efficiency with Self-Checkout Solutions

Hanshow’s digital shelf tags also include self-checkout kiosks and smart trolleys. The self-checkout kiosk eliminates the need for traditional manual checkout registers, reducing costs and freeing up valuable store space. Customers can avoid long wait times during peak hours and enjoy a seamless checkout experience. The smart trolley features a built-in screen for in-store navigation, advertising, promotions, and self-checkout payment. This innovative solution provides convenience for customers and offers retailers a platform to deliver targeted promotions, membership benefits, and store information directly to shoppers.


Hanshow’s digital shelf tags empower retailers to transform their marketing strategies, streamline operations, and create engaging shopping experiences. With enhanced in-store marketing efficiency, dynamic digital signage, and convenient self-checkout solutions, retailers can drive sales, improve customer satisfaction, and stay at the forefront of the retail industry.

Discover the power of Hanshow Intelligent Store solutions and unlock a new era of retail marketing success. Embrace the possibilities of digitalization and elevate your store to new heights of efficiency and profitability.

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