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Sansure Biotech: Revolutionizing Molecular Detection for Precision Diagnostics

Sansure Biotech, a leading in vitro diagnostic solution provider, is transforming the field of molecular detection with its innovative gene technology. With a commitment to providing accessible and innovative genetic technologies, products, and services, Sansure Biotech is revolutionizing diagnostics through its advanced molecular detection solutions.

Advancing Molecular Detection:

Sansure Biotech’s cutting-edge molecular detection technology is at the forefront of diagnostic innovation. Their mPOCT Portable Molecule Workstation combines state-of-the-art features such as “one-tube fast release technology” and “rapid PCR amplification technology” to streamline the testing process. This portable system offers high mobility, adaptability, and a wide range of application scenarios. With a significantly reduced detection time of 15-45 minutes, healthcare professionals can obtain rapid and accurate results, enabling timely decision-making and patient care.

Empowering Healthcare Professionals:

Sansure Biotech’s Iponatic 3 – Portable Molecular Workstation empowers healthcare professionals with its digital and intelligent capabilities. This fully automated rapid testing system provides a “sample-in-result-out” process, delivering test results in just 15-45 minutes. The pre-packaged kits minimize hands-on time and reduce the risk of contamination. With a rich and extendable testing menu, the Iponatic 3 caters to various testing demands, from infectious disease prevention and control to cancer screening. The system’s wireless connectivity, smart screen, and flexible combination abilities enable seamless testing anytime upon sample arrival, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Global Impact:

Sansure Biotech’s molecular detection solutions have made a significant impact worldwide. Their SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid test played a crucial role during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, serving over 160 countries and regions. By providing accessible and accurate testing solutions, Sansure Biotech has helped countries understand China’s epidemic prevention strategies and experience, highlighting the strength of China in the field of genetic technology. With certifications obtained in over 65 countries, including NMPA, CE, and MHRA, Sansure Biotech’s products are recognized for their reliability and quality.


Sansure Biotech is driving innovation in molecular detection, empowering healthcare professionals with rapid and accurate diagnostics. Through their advanced molecular detection solutions, Sansure Biotech is revolutionizing the field, enabling precise and timely patient care. With a global reach and commitment to accessibility, Sansure Biotech is leading the way towards a healthier future through genetic technology.

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