How to Play Ngu Linh Cards Correctly From Experts 2023

Ngu Linh is a special type of card that can help players win big when participating in online gambling at the house. To know the specific way to play and some guaranteed betting tips that are easiest to win, let’s read the ways to play that have helped many bettors win below.
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What is the Ngu Linh card?

Ngu Linh is a special case in Blackjack. It includes 5 cards with a conversion score of 10 or more, regardless of face or number. If we own these pieces in our hand, we will win outright and take all the bonuses of the remaining members in the game. When there are 2 or more players holding Ngu Linh on the betting table, the house will determine the final result for the side with the higher score according to the following rules:

  • Ace: 1 or 11 points depending on the player’s choice.
  • Cards 2 to 9: equivalent value.
  • Card 10, J, Q, K: 10 points.
  • Total exceeds 21 points: lose points.
  • The winning player must have a total score greater than the dealer, not exceeding 21, and will receive a reward double the initial bet amount.
  • A tie with the dealer is considered a tie and the original bet amount is returned.
  • Exceeding 21 points means losing and losing all bets.
  • When the player whose first 2 cards total less than 21 can draw more cards to increase the total score. If you exceed the number specified by the system, you will be considered a loser and must pay compensation to all members at the table.

How to play Ngu Linh card

It’s not easy for you to catch the cards Ngu Linh when the system randomly distributes to the competitors at the table. However, if we know how to apply the following good tips, we can increase our chances of winning.

Calculate points carefully before drawing cards

To get Ngu Linh, players must always be careful in drawing cards. If the total value of the cards is close to 21, we need to consider the possibility of going over and losing. Just one wrong decision will seriously affect your final result in the betting game

You should not split cards when holding 2 cards in 10, J, Q, K, A

If we own 2 leaves of cards 10, J, Q, K, A, we have 20 points. At this time, people should not split their cards because the win is almost very close and the possibility of erroneous results is very low. Unless your opponent has a total of exactly 21 to win. However, the rate of other bettors winning Ngu Linh blank is actually not high.

When you own small value cards, draw more cards to win Ngu Linh

The rules of Blackjack allow bettors to draw more cards if the 2 cards in hand are worth less than 9. This will be an advantage to help everyone have the opportunity to own strong Ngu Linh to end the game soon. If you have received the 3rd or 4th letter and are still not positive, apply this method immediately instead of giving up and regrettably accepting the loss of all your invested capital.
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Do not withdraw further when near the top of Ngu Linh

Many players tend to draw more cards to look for opportunities to get 21 points. However, this is not a wise approach and can easily cause us to have a total that exceeds the Blackjack requirement. Especially if you draw high value cards like 10, J, Q, K.

If you have drawn the 4th card and your total score is less than 13, you can continue to draw to find luck. If it’s above this level, we should stop and avoid taking risks that could lead to going broke.

Some notes when playing Ngu Linh card

To participate in Blackjack at casino NEW88 To be effective, bettors need to pay attention to the following important issues:

  • Avoid drawing a fifth card to avoid falling into a situation where the total score exceeds 21.
  • The safe score range for you to be able to draw more cards and create Ngu Linh will be from 10-13.
  • The risk for players will be higher if they continue to draw cards when they have a total score of 15 or more.
  • Pay attention to the actions and drawing methods of opponents at the table to consider the possibility of them having strong Five Spirits.
  • Always stay alert when betting to stop at the right time, avoid trying to draw cards or making wrong decisions.

Above is some interesting information about NEW88 Ngu Linh is compiled and shared with players. Thereby helping bettors have more good tips to quickly win the game and know how to take full advantage of having strong cards in their hands. Wishing you all a safe return to shore soon, and at the same time receive unlimited rewards from the bookmaker.

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