0.5 Handicap And Best Playing Strategies 2023

The 0.5 handicap is the top choice for those who love soccer betting. However, reality shows that this type of bet is still making it difficult for many new players. Right here New88today will show some information about the 0.5 handicap bet, accompanied by a list of the best playing strategies.

What is 0.5 handicap?

Handicap 0.5 is one of the popular forms of soccer betting, appearing in the odds tables of most bookmakers. To put it simply, a handicap of 0.5 means that the upper team will handicap the lower team by 0.5 goals.

The betting community often calls this type of bet by other names such as: Half Handicap, Half Handicap. In addition, if you pay attention, you will see that the 0.5 handicap bet is often applied to matches without much difference in level.

Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the 0.5 handicap

We all have to admit the great appeal of this form of betting in soccer betting. However, reality shows that 0.5 handicap betting still has certain limitations, specifically as follows:

– Advantages of 0.5 handicap:

  • Create excitement and challenges for members participating in betting. The reason is because to win money requires players to have experience analyzing and evaluating the match.
  • The reward rate is much higher than other simple forms of betting such as: Over/Under, European odds…

– Limit:

  • The possibility of winning a bet when playing a 0.5 handicap is not high, which easily makes many bettors feel discouraged.
  • Handicap 0.5 is not for all bettors, specifically those who are inexperienced should consider it.

Instructions on how to calculate the 0.5 bet accurately

If you intend to play a 0.5 handicap bet, then you must definitely understand how to read the results, along with the payment method as follows:

How to read the results when participating in a 0.5 handicap

The results when betting with a handicap of 0.5 will fall into 3 situations that we introduce below:

  • Case 1 – The upper team wins: At this time, those who bet on the upper team will win all, the lower team will lose everything.
  • Case 2 – The underdog team draws or wins against the overteam: At this time, those who bet on the overteam will lose everything. On the contrary, if you bet with a handicap of 0.5 on the underdog, you will win everything.
  • Case 3 – The two teams end the match with a draw: Thus, members who bet on the favorite team will lose. On the contrary, the underdog team gets all the money from the house.

How to calculate money when betting with 0.5 handicap

The way to calculate money for this form of bet is similar to most other types of soccer betting. Specifically, the amount won/lost will be applied in the following specific win/loss cases:
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  • In case of winning enough: Winnings = Capital x Handicap rate of 0.5 given by the house.
  • In case of losing enough: Bet loss = Bet capital (Basically, you lose everything).
  • In case of winning half the money: Winning amount = (Capital amount x Odds)/2 + Capital amount.
  • In case you lose half the money: Bet loss = Bet capital/2.

Super effective 0.5 handicap strategy

We would like to confirm that winning a handicap is never easy. If you are looking to profit from this type of bet, don’t forget to refer to the following strategies:

Betting strategy for the underdog team

In some cases, betting on the underdog team is effective and brings victory as expected. If you encounter one of the following signs, you should place a 0.5 handicap on the lower team:

  • When you analyzed the match and realized that the performance of the two teams was almost equal.
  • You observe that if the closer to the time of the match the odds change in a downward direction, then bet on the lower team.

Apply betting strategy for the favorite team

The strategy of placing all bet capital on the favorite team will be effective if you realize that the favorite team has the following characteristics:

  • The position of the upper team in the rankings is 1 or more places higher than the lower team.
  • The upper team’s squad has many talented strikers. At this time, please strongly bet on the 0.5 handicap for the above team.
  • We should also bet on the favorite team if we see that this team is playing at home, accompanied by a good match record.
  • If you see the odds drop from 0.5 to 0.25 right after 15-20 minutes of the match starting, then betting on the lower team is the optimal choice.

Strategy for playing handicap 0.5 based on time

When applying a time-based betting strategy, one rule players need to remember is not to bet too early. It’s best for you to watch the first 15 minutes of the match to see how the two teams enter the match. Of course, in case you are experienced, you can bet a few days in advance and it will be fine.

Strategy for playing 0.5 handicap bets by staying away from fake bets

To put it simply, a lure bet is a trap set by the house that makes players mistakenly think it is a good bet and place a bet. When you bet on a 0.5 handicap, if you observe the odds table and see the following signs appearing at the same time, you should pause:

  • The reward rate of the 0.5 handicap is unusually high. At this time, you need to consider betting because this may be a virtual bet.
  • The ½ handicap fluctuates continuously over a short period of time. In this case, if an inexperienced player should temporarily stop betting.
  • If you see that the 0.5 odds offered by the bookmaker do not accurately reflect the performance of the two teams, then skip the bet immediately.

Share experience playing 0.5 odds from experts

If you want to make money when betting with a handicap of 0.5, applying the above strategies is not enough. Besides, every bettor needs to refer to some valuable experiences shared by experts as follows:

  • Only participate in betting at reputable online bookmakers, typicallyNew88 such as. The reason is that the odds here are often analyzed and forecasted by experienced experts, and the accuracy is relatively high.
  • Every bettor needs to stay calm during important times such as: Placing bets, analyzing odds… Maintaining a stable mentality is an important premise to help players make the most accurate decisions.
  • You absolutely should not play all-in when betting with a 0.5 handicap, the risk of burning your account is too high.
  • Always take the time to learn the lineup of the two teams. This experience is effective for all bets, not just the 0.5 handicap.

Above is our introduction to the 0.5 handicap and some effective strategies and playing experiences. Overall, this is one of the super attractive betting genres, very worthy for you to try and experience once. The New88 author team hopes that you will always have good luck when playing 0.5 handicap bets in particular and soccer betting in general.

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