What is Over/Under in the first half? How to read – calculate money O/U H1 standard

Betting on O/U is quite simple, but playing for the first 45 minutes is a different story. Especially for those new to betting, it is very difficult for you to win in this form. Down here, Okvip will explain the concept What is Over/Under in the first half? with the most standard way to read and calculate money.
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What is the 1st half Over/Under bet? 

What is Over/Under in the first half?? Simply put, it is a method of predicting the statistical result of a match, considering whether that result will exceed or be below the figures determined by the bookmaker.

Similarly, with the 1st half Over/Under (also known as Over/Under H1), players also predict whether a certain statistical aspect will exceed or fall below the first half of the match.

Usually the most important figure in this type of bet is the total number of goals in the first half. Besides, there are also other format options such as total number of penalty cards or total number of corner shots.

If the player correctly predicts that the statistical result in the first half will be higher than the number given by the house, they can place money on the “Over” option. On the contrary, if they predict that the statistical result will be lower, they can bet on “Under”.

Instructions for reading Over/Under first half most accurately 

Usually, the H1 Over/Under bet is favored by bookmakers mainly because of predicting the total score of the first half. On the data table, note that the odds are often tilted towards the right hand side.

To visualize more clearly, we can consider a specific example as follows:

In the round of the Colombian National Football League season 2022/2023, two teams Atletico Nacional vs Patriotas FC will face off. This match is especially important on September 28, so the odds for the first half are set with many options, including the H1 Over/Under handicap.

=> According to the house’s usual procedure:

  • Home team: Atletico Nacional is the higher rated team placed above.
  • On the column for 1st half bets, the symbol used is H1, and for the whole match it is FT.
  • In the H1 betting section, the Over/Under option is represented by the symbol O/U.

What is the way to calculate Over/Under in the first half? 

How to calculate money What is Over/Under in the first half? In O/U the first half is done by applying 4 different calculation methods, including 100% win, 100% loss, 50% win and 50% loss. To clarify, we will go into detail about each method:

  • In case of 100% win, the participant will multiply the initial amount by the winning Odds ratio to calculate the winning amount.
  • In a complete loss situation, the player will multiply the initial bet amount by the failure Odds ratio to determine the lost capital.

3 notes to help newbies play O/U in the first half more effectively 

Approach and learn how to play What is Over/Under in the first half? for efficiency is always of special interest to new players. Below, Okvip Casino has some valuable experience for beginners: 

What is the correct choice when entering the Over/Under bet in the first half?

In case the match lacks reliable data information, players should carefully monitor the first 10-15 minutes of the match to learn about how the two teams approach the match.

If both teams show caution, focusing mainly on defending their own half and not creating many chances, then the over/under option may be a reasonable option. On the contrary, if one of the two teams continuously attacks, closing in on the opponent’s goal, then betting on over/under may be the right decision.

Based on the nature of the match 

In the case of friendly matches or high-class matches where the difference is not too large, most players tend to probe and do not step up their efforts right from the first round. With such a situation, choosing Under is a reasonable option in friendly matches. 

However, on the contrary, in matches where both teams are in need of points, or even one of the two teams needs a goal to gain an advantage, this situation confirms that both teams will tend to attack from early game. In such a scenario, betting on Over is a reasonable decision, with a high chance of winning.
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Depends on the level of difference between the two sides

Regardless of whether the match is an official match or a friendly, when the gap in talent between the two teams is too large, focusing on the First Half to create superior mental pressure is still considered a bright decision. Throughout, predicting Over in such a situation is the most reasonable choice.


Complete knowledge, definitions What is Over/Under in the first half? has been fully provided above by Okvip Casino. Through this, newbies will not be afraid of mistakes or face high risks during the betting process. Don’t forget, you need to refer to the methods mentioned in the article to firmly grasp the winning rate. 

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