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Enhancing Mobility and Efficiency: Han’s Robot’s Advanced Mobile Cobot Technology

The STAR Mobile Cobot from Han’s Robot, a top supplier of cutting-edge automation solutions, is transforming markets all over the world. This cutting-edge mobile cobot

offers remarkable efficiency and versatility by fusing the intelligence of a collaborative robot with the portability of a mobile platform. The STAR Mobile Cobot is an indispensable tool for companies in a variety of industries, since it maximises space utilisation and optimises material handling with features like automated lifting and a high-speed MAX velocity of 1.5 m/s.

Automatic Lifting for Space Optimization

The STAR Mobile Cobot by Han’s Robot incorporates automatic lifting capabilities that revolutionize material handling processes. By automatically lifting internal materials, this mobile cobot maximizes the utilization of body space, allowing businesses to store more materials in a limited area. This feature significantly reduces the need for manual material transfer, leading to increased efficiency and streamlined operations.

High-Speed MAX Velocity for Swift Operations

With a remarkable MAX velocity of 1.5m/s, the STAR Mobile Cobot offers swift and efficient operations. This high-speed capability enables the cobot to navigate quickly within the workspace, reducing cycle times and increasing productivity. Whether it’s transporting materials, performing assembly tasks, or assisting in various applications, the STAR Mobile Cobot’s high-speed performance ensures seamless and timely operations.


Han’s Robot‘s STAR Mobile Cobot is revolutionizing industries with its unmatched efficiency and flexibility. The automatic lifting feature optimizes space utilization and reduces the need for manual material transfer, leading to streamlined operations. With a remarkable MAX velocity of 1.5m/s, this mobile cobot ensures swift and efficient movement within the workspace, maximizing productivity. By choosing Han’s Robot as their trusted automation partner, businesses can unlock the full potential of the STAR Mobile Cobot and enhance their operations.

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